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Egg Fryer and Poacher

Is there anyone in the world who will not like to take breakfast or brunch with a boiled or poached egg? Egg is simply nutritious, delicious and will provide enormous protein as well as energy to your body in a very short cooking process. There are versatile ways of food preparation with eggs. You may boil, poached or make many different dishes with egg.  Always it will give a different taste for different people. For your family members also it is very important to process the egg with their right choice of taste. So every time it is very difficult to process eggs in different ways in a very short time just using a saucepan.  In these very rapid innovations of cookery gadgets egg fryer and poacher is one of those.  By which you can cook, boil or poach egg items within a very short time as you desire. You can put several eggs at a time when you are cooking for a large volume of people. Many of them who have high cholesterol often avoid this healthy food because of poaching with oil or butter. Egg poacher is the innovative solution for that because you can poach eggs with it without any oil or butter keeping intact its taste and shape. You can get your egg poached with a runny yolk with an egg poacher. Variety of product are found in the market  for poaching or frying eggs like poaching cups, poaching spoons, poaching pans, stove top egg poachers, electric egg poachers, microwave egg poachers.

Electric egg fryers and poachers

This egg poacher is very similar to rice cooker, where you don’t need to be an expert cooker rather than a good time setter. You can use this anywhere in the room with an electric connection.  The design and capacity is varied how many number of eggs it can contain for boiling or poaching or frying at a time. Generally it may take 8-10 minutes to be poaching. Most of the branded poachers will give you an audio signal of finishing or it will turn off automatically after cooking finished. It can make your eggs with soft, medium, hard or runny yolks as you like to eat, just set the timing in the menu and it will be ready automatically.  You can put one to twelve eggs at a time in an electric poacher.

Stovetop egg fryers and poachers

Stovetop egg fryer and poacher is another kind of gadget of preparing eggs for your family members. Such as other poachers it functioned with the boil water. You have to load the poacher pan with water as much as until it touches the bottom of the cups. The egg will be prepared with the steam of the water.  You have to fill empty cups with water when you are not using all the cups in a cooking cycle to avoid burning.

Microwaveable egg poacher

When you have a microwave in your kitchen and you have not enough space to set an extra gadget, you can go for this egg poacher but the capacity is very limited. You cannot put more than four eggs at a time for poaching. 

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