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Inductions; The Best Option In Stores

From the dawn of civilization human being is using fire to do many things. The most important among those is cooking. Fire was so perfect for cooking foods that people are still using that in their day to day life. And frankly, there is still no alternative to fire when it comes to quality cooking. But, as you know, we have a shortage of firing materials in the around us. And this amount of material is decreasing day by day. Realizing that, mankind has already been trying to find some alternative sources. They have come up with many things like electric stove and others. Among the alternatives the handiest option is induction cooktop.

What is Induction Cooktop

This is a relatively recent invention in which a magnetic field is used to heat up the specially designed pots and thus the work of cooking is done. Sounds pretty easy, right? Though the work itself is not so easy as it sounds. You will get a clearer view when you read the next section.

best induction cooktop

How does it work

In an induction cooktop a coil of copper wire is placed under the cooking vessel. Then AC current is passed to the pot through it. For this an oscillating magnetic field creates a magnetic flux. This flux magnetizes the pot repeatedly. But the pot continuously resists the flux. As a result, the pot gets heated and cooks the foods in it.

What materials are used to build it

Normally it is best to use metals which are magnetic in nature. So Cast Iron or Stainless Steel is best suited for it. But that does not mean only these two metals are used to build a cooking pan to be used on an induction cooktop. Carbon Steel and Copper are also used for this purpose. Even Granite and Stone are being used to make induction pans these days. If you ask us about the best choice to make, we will tell you that you should choose a cookware made of stainless steel which also has cast iron or copper layer beneath it. The cast iron layer will give you the best ferromagnetic quality and the stainless steel will provide you a never before seen non stick experience.

What brands are available in the market

When you look for an induction cooktop, you may find thousands of brands in the market. If you ask us about the ‘best induction cooktop’ to choose from this pool of options we will first tell you to identify your needs and also have a close look on your budget. There are some companies which offer induction cooktops on a really low price. And some are a bit costly. You can find an induction cooktop from a price range of as low as $89.99 to $3190. Various brands offer various features of themselves. You have to know about your need and then match the features with your need so that the cooktop you buy may serve your purpose. Some of the known brands in the markets are Frigidaire, Tharmador, Bosch, Whirlpool etc.
So think about it and then make the choice.

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